Bauerfeind at the Olympic Games

Feb 11, 2010

Three Bauerfeind teams now in action at the Winter Olympic Games

The facilities set up for the guests of the DOSB in Simon Fraser University (SFU) include some 2,000 square meters of lounge areas, a sports bar and the media area including press conference room. The official mission of the German Olympic team in Vancouver will host presentations by sponsors as well as national institutions and sporting organizations – including the Munich 2018 bidding company and the Thuringia regional sports federation.

The Bauerfeind orthopedic service station was installed just in time for handover of the keys to the German House. "That means we're now complete and have three teams in action at the Winter Games," explained Lars Birnbaum, Olympics project manager at Bauerfeind. The first two teams had begun their work in Vancouver and Whistler back on February 4. As a "Friend of the Games", Bauerfeind is for the first time present at the polyclinics of the two Olympic villages and for the athletes of all participating nations. In the event of injury the Olympians there will be given supports and orthoses "Made in Germany" from Zeulenroda.

One of the first visitors to the Bauerfeind service station was DOSB president Dr. Thomas Bach. He was showing his South African guests Danny Jordaan (senior organizer of the soccer World Cup) and Sam Ramsamy (a member of the International Olympic Committee) round the facilities in the German House. One of the people they met at Bauerfeind was athlete spokesman Christian Breuer. The former speed skater had just arrived and, when talk turned to the subject of Bauerfeind's medical compression stockings, simply lifted his trouser leg. He was still wearing his from the flight.

The Thuringia regional sports federation and the DOSB are laying on German specialties of a rather different kind at the German Fan Fest. Situated opposite the German House, the festival tent can accommodate some 400 sports fans each day. Long queues even on the opening day demonstrate just what an excellent reputation Thuringian bratwurst enjoys even as far away as the west coast of North America.

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