Oct 1, 2012

OmoTrain and OmoTrain S

Targeted treatment for the shoulder

Carefully controlled mobilization is a particularly important part of conservative treatment of shoulder complaints. This is why Bauerfeind has expanded its range of muscle-activating shoulder supports. The revised OmoTrain and the new OmoTrain S shoulder support will be available to medical retailers from October 1.

The proven OmoTrain, with its special strap system, centers the shoulder joint and guides it securely during movement. It is used for treating post-traumatic, post-operative and chronic irritation, as well as osteoarthritis. For improved pain relief, the compression knit of the support has been adapted to comply with the current standard for the Train line of products and the pad has been changed. The new Delta pad, with frictional nubs and joint cavity ridge, acts on traditional painful areas and massages the soft tissue.

Unlike the OmoTrain, the new OmoTrain S features a direct strap system, which offers greater freedom of movement. It is used primarily in pain therapy and is suitable for providing acute care and for protection against further injuries during sporting activities.

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