Nov 25, 2014

Study proves improvement in gait

GenuTrain knee support

For the first time, a study conducted by scientists at the University of Freiburg in Germany has successfully proven that the GenuTrain knee support has corrective effects on the biomechanics of the knee and hips and thus has a positive impact on gait.


ErgoPad Sports

Nov 3, 2014

ErgoPad foot orthoses for sport

Bauerfeind has developed three new sports foot orthoses based on patented weightflex technology: ErgoPad ball & racket for ball and racket sports, ErgoPad run & walk for running and walking, and ErgoPad ski & skate for winter sports.


Spinova® Support Plus

Aug 30, 2013

New SPINOVA® back orthoses

Flexible therapy for symptoms in the lumbar spine area

With Spinova, Bauerfeind is presenting the latest generation of back orthoses for conservative and postoperative therapy of symptoms in the lumbar spine area. They are used when it is necessary to correct posture or stabilize or relieve pressure on the lumbar spine by delordosing.


GenuTrain® P3 with corrective strap

Dec 6, 2012


GenuTrain P3 with individually adjustable corrective strap

The GenuTrain P3 knee support has been revised and is now available with an individually adjustable corrective strap. Together with the two integral pads, the corrective strap holds the kneecap in a central position and protects it against lateral drifting to the outside.



Oct 1, 2012

OmoTrain and OmoTrain S

Targeted treatment for the shoulder

Carefully controlled mobilization is a particularly important part of conservative treatment of shoulder complaints. This is why Bauerfeind has expanded its range of muscle-activating shoulder supports. The revised OmoTrain and the new OmoTrain S shoulder support will be available to medical retailers from October 1.