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Bauerfeind Performance Center Marietta

Celebrating our 25th year in the US, Bauerfeind USA has opened a new store in Marietta, Georgia offering the best in sports and medical supports! Bauerfeind's products are made with you in mind, our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike is incorporated into the ongoing development of our products. Are you settling for a quick fix or a high quality solution?

Located on Chastain Meadows Parkway between Chastain Road and Ernest Barrett Parkway the new, Bauerfeind USA store offers cutting edge diagnostic technologies, ideas and new product innovations. From the spine to the knee, shoulder to the ankle, Bauerfeind has you covered.

Cutting Edge Measuring Technologies

Bauerfeind's measurement technology helps guarantee highest quality standards in medical therapy. It is the foundation on which individual and high-quality care of your patients is being built. Continuous improvements of the technology allows for easy-to-use tools providing precise anatomical and physiological information for fitting, diagnosis (BODYTRONIC® 200) as well as for efficient monitoring of therapy progress. In addition, electronic data exchange makes ordering and product delivery fast and accurate. Measurement technology from Bauerfeind, provides you with the latest tools for professional fitting greatly contributing to an individual and successful therapy.

Image 3D video: The Newest Innovation in the Management of Varicose Veins and Leg Discomfort! Image 3D video is advanced technology developed to enhance Image 3D, the digital measurement system for high-quality compression therapy. The measurement process is achieved within a 360° non-stop rotation of the measuring platform. The video camera takes up to 3 pictures per second and transfers them automatically to the Image 3D system. The quality of the images is checked immediately and a 3D-model of your legs is calculated.

BODYTRONIC® 100: The BODYTRONIC® 100 Foot pressure measurement system is used to measure plantar areas of the foot and detect pressure peaks to obtain information about foot pain and problems with lower extremities. These Measurements can be used to help select a Bauerfeind Foot Orthotic. The Bauerfeind insoles can be worn in all shoes.

Come and discover why Bauerfeind is the first choice of leading athletes and doctors across Europe and the US. 

Bauerfeind USA, Inc.
3005 Chastain Meadows Pkwy
Suite 700
Marietta, GA 30066